Argumentative vs. persuasive essay: major differences in writing

Argumentative as well as persuasive essays try and give a certain view point. Nevertheless they tend to be different when it comes to how they actually put their point across as well as why. You may be confused on how actually both these types of writing differ? There is no need to worry as the below explanation aims to answer this question for you in a simple and understandable way.

What is an argumentative piece like?

Argumentative writing is such that it lets you describe what you wish by employing persuasion. An argumentative piece aims to persuade others to think like they do.

What is a persuasive piece like?

The persuasive writing tries to convince someone to believe or maybe even do something. It employs logic along with reason so as to tell that a certain idea tends to be more legitimate in comparison to another idea.

So what are the differences?

  • Claim
  • Persuasive writings’ claim tends to be based upon opinion while argumentative tends to be based upon opinion, theory, position, thesis statement as well as a hypothesis. When it comes to persuasive writing the claim is not always a substantiated one; it employs propaganda and advertisements for instance. The claim of argumentative writing is a substantiated claim that is based upon relevant along with much evidence.

  • Appeal to
  • Persuasive writing’s pathos tends to appeal to needs, audience, desires as well as emotion while there is some pathos within argumentative writing, but the emphasis tends to be upon logos, i.e. appeal to evidence along with logical reasoning for instance facts, historical plus legal precedents as well as examples. Persuasive writing appeals to the writer’s as well as speaker’s trustworthiness, character along with credentials while argumentative writings appeal to the writer’s as well as speaker’s credibility.

  • Elements included
  • Persuasive writing may actually form an argument. Nevertheless, they are such that they do not have points of the formal argument at all times. Argumentative writing encompasses elements of the argument that include warrants, backing, rebuttals as well as critical thinking.
    Opposing views
    Persuasive writing is such that it may not incorporate opposing views while argumentative writing does employ opposing arguments.

    There you have it, the major differences in writing when it comes to argumentative and persuasive essays. Now when you have to write these types of pieces, keep these points in mind that will let you understand how to write on both these types of essays.