Acute persuasive essay topics: offbeat suggestions

When you are writing a persuasive essay, you should feel free to express your thoughts, arguments, ideas, and opinion about the certain topic. Most students are having trouble to think of a topic that will make their persuasive assignment the best.
However, today there are many useful places that can help you to find the right topic for your persuasive school paper. You can always search for the topic online or ask your teacher to guide you and give you some useful suggestions. Here, you can find several examples of acute persuasive paper topics that you can use to create a quality and unique content:

  • Spying by intelligence agencies – a necessary step or a big fraud?
  • How can you increase the value of local food?
  • The real messages behind magazines for teenagers
  • How online education can affect the real education system in the US and worldwide
  • Should in-vitro transplants be ban?
  • How can scholarships really help college students?
  • How many foreign languages a student should learn?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using technology in Education
  • Are prom events really necessary?
  • How the new era of electronic cars can help the environment?
  • Should the voting age be lowered than eighteen?
  • A case studies where students should pay for higher grades
  • Solutions and ideas for illegal migrants crisis
  • Will students be more productive if textbooks are replaced by notebook computers?
  • Should students have an additional test to enter a high school?
  • Difference between the US politic and European political system
  • How can video games change a child?
  • How can the illegal downloading affect the economy?
  • Giving birth control without permission to teenage girls – yes or no?
  • How can a free health care system change the country?
  • Access to free Wi-Fi in every city in the world
  • How can lower taxes affect the global economy?

These several offbeat suggestions can be a great example of your next persuasive school paper. There are many available materials and information on the Internet that can help you to create a great topic and make your writing interesting and fun thing to do.
Plus you will learn a lot about certain topics while you are doing your own research. Also, you can always combine two or more different topics and create a new more creative and useful topic for researching and writing. For more topics, you can ask your teacher, classmates or search for them online.